Firefox 44 Deletes Fine-Grained Cookie Management

I have used FF since it was Netscape Navigator and just recently noticed something odd. Well, I noticed that something was missing; I was not getting prompted to Accept or Deny cookies. I have seen this before after an update, so I went into the config and saw that the option was gone. A little bit of cookie infested googling and I found this from Slashdot. Which led to this:

Marco Bonardo [::mak] 2016-02-01 03:09:48 PST

The functionality was unmaintained, bogus and not really nice to use on today’s Web. Yes, it would be better if implemented in an add-on, so someone could take care of it properly and interested users in the community could drive its future better. Honestly today we have better replacements to protect privacy, you can control third-party cookies and tracking protection can be enabled through privacy.trackingprotection.enabled (in newer versions directly from Options / Privacy), plus there’s a bunch of nicely made add-ons that can block any kind of contents on AMO. Sticking to a dialog that pops up every other second and can easily break website functionality, is just not being realistic, Mozilla is still fighting for users privacy (tracking protection is a clear sign of that), but the tools used to do that should be on par with the current Web and should have the due quality, imo.

Horse shit. Something doesn’t smell right here, especially coming from a company who used to preach privacy and security. This has always been a non-default feature that you had to enable. Those who did enable it had the knowledge to handle any “website functionality” issue. So I am now trying the  CookieController addon and I’ll make another post about it once I have given it a good shake down.

FF needs to be carefully watched from now on.

Update: I am also trying the Pale Moon browser, which is a FF fork.


Author: pathfinder1776

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