You training for something?

I do 30+- km  ruck hikes on a well used state park trail and I often get asked if I was training for something specific. My stock answer used to be that I was preparing for a two week AT (Appalachian Trail) hike, but one of my civilian* friends alerted me to GORuck.

noun: civilian; plural noun: civilians
  1. 1.
    a person who has no idea how fsck’d up our country is; one who suffers from normalcy bias.

I highly suggest those who are able to do so, get involved, or at least familiar, with GORuck. Add this to your Appleseed training and you have a nice low profile training option with nice ‘optics’.


Author: pathfinder1776

Ultra Running Guy, GO Ruck Guy, Tech Guy, Hunting Guy, HAM Guy, UCG (Untrained Civilian Goofball) Ret.

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